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Reference : 0043

Description : A 'Bristol' blue glass pharmasy bottle and cover, English c.1800

Dimensions : 10.5 ins 95

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0041

Description : A rare crystal glass toddy ladle English c.1750

Dimensions : 8.5 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0024

Description : A crystal glass baluster stem tazza on domes and folded foot English c.1730

Dimensions : 5 x 10 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0015

Description : An unusual white glass baluster shaped vase with ribbed decoration. nglish c.1760

Dimensions : 4.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0012

Description : A diamond facet stem wine glass engraved with an 'OXO' border English c.1780

Dimensions : 5 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0010

Description : A facon de Venise soda glass low tazza with folded foot and rim This tazza is an English form and even though it rings well it is soda glass but I think it could well be an early Duke of Buckingham Glassworks item c.1680

Dimensions : 2 x 8.5 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 0002

Description : A free blown blue glass salt cellar with folded rim, English c.1760

Dimensions : 2.75 ins 145

Price Guide : A

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