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Reference : 0165

Description : A heavu crystal plain stem wine glass with internal tear, English c.1740

Dimensions : 6.5 ins.

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0162

Description : A white opaline glass tankard painted with a bird lid with apple finial Bohemia c.1770

Dimensions : 7 ins162

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0137

Description : A set of four facet cut syllabub glasses or egg cups Anglo Irish c.1770

Dimensions : 2.75 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0128

Description : A small crystal glass honey comb moulded bowl and stand, English c.1750

Dimensions : bowl 2.5 ins, stand 4.75 ins. wide

Price Guide : C


Reference : 0121

Description : A crystal jelly glass with cut top and engraved with a band of 'daisy & ovals' English c.1790

Dimensions : 4.75 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0112

Description : A diamond facet stem wine glass engraved with 'OXO' border, English c.1780

Dimensions : 4.75 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0107

Description : A rare white opaline ribbed glass vase onspreading folded foot, Emglish c.1750

Dimensions : 6.75 ins.

Price Guide : C


Reference : 0094

Description : A rib moulded crystal glass sugar bowl with blue glass cane rim English c.1780

Dimensions : 3 ins

Price Guide : C


Reference : 0080

Description : A crystal glass petal moulded rummer English c.1790

Dimensions : 4.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 00702

Description : A white opaline glass perfumier's bottle painted with roses Bohemia c.1780

Dimensions : 7.5 ins

Price Guide : B

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