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Reference : 1768

Description : A pair of full size crystal glass serving bottles English c.1850

Dimensions : 11.25 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1766a

Description : A shaft and globe crystal glass claret jug English c.1870

Dimensions : 11 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1765a

Description : A very heavy pair of crystal glass pillar cut decanters English c.1840

Dimensions : 13.25 ins

Price Guide : C


Reference : 1764

Description : A red flashed spa glass with four engraved panels of Wiesbaden, German c.1850

Dimensions : 4.25 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1763a

Description : A rib moulded blue glass bulb vase English c.1880

Dimensions : 7.25 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1762

Description : A pale blue opaline glass vase with gilt decoration French (probably Baccarat) c.1850

Dimensions : 8 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1751

Description : A crystal glass shaft & globe decanter with cut and engraved decoration English c.1870

Dimensions : 10.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1750

Description : A pair of red over crystal glass decanters English c.1870

Dimensions : 13 ins

Price Guide : C


Reference : 1741

Description : A pair of crystal glass rummers cut with lenses English c.1860

Dimensions : 5 ins1741

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1706

Description : A set of large beer glasses engraved with hops and barley on square stepped bases Anglo/Irish c.1820

Dimensions : 5.75 ins

Price Guide : C

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