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Reference : 3105

Description : An orange over crystal glass vase designed by Charles Graffart for Val St. Lambert Belgium c.1935

Dimensions : 12 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 1813

Description : An optically blown crystal glass bowl with paste gilt decoration English c.1910

Dimensions : 3.25 x 3.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1804

Description : A set of twelve crystal port glasses English c.1910

Dimensions : 4.25 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1800

Description : A crystal glass centre bowl with green cane decoration English c.1910

Dimensions : 5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1766

Description : A mould blown green glass vase with wavy decoration Webb, English c.1930

Dimensions : 11.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1765

Description : A large majolica glaze blue wash jug marked BRETBY, English c.1910

Dimensions : 9 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1747

Description : A crystal glass decanter in the shape of a table bell engraved 'Take a Pull' Silver mounted Birmingham 1910

Dimensions : 10 ins

Price Guide : C


Reference : 1746

Description : A rectangular section crystal glass decanter with silver mounts Birmingham 1908

Dimensions : 7 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1640

Description : A set of six optically blown wine glasses with intaglio engraved flowers Whitefriars (Powell), London c.1920

Dimensions : 4 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1635

Description : A large crystal glass plate with pale blue overlay etched in a spiral design signed Daum, Nancy, Franc c.1930

Dimensions : 15.5 ins

Price Guide : B

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