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Reference : 1606

Description : A set of eight bone china tea cups and sauces, the pattern number suggests early Doulton, Burslem c.1870

Dimensions : saucer 5.5 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1602

Description : A group of ceramic 'cure all' pots with transfer labels English c.1870

Dimensions : 1.5 ins PRICE EACH

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1600

Description : A white onyx self opening Betjamann's patent cigarette box English c.1920

Dimensions : 6.5 x 4 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1557

Description : A well patinated bronze censer with Ming Xuande marks and inscription reading 'made during the Xuande period of the great Ming dynasty, five years supervision Ministry of Works officer Wu Bang Zou'. Probably mid Qing Dynasty

Dimensions : 3.5 x 4.75 ins

Price Guide : C


Reference : 1542

Description : A blue painted faience bulb container and liner France c.1760

Dimensions : 5 x 9 x 6 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1541

Description : A pair of large white pottery jars with crest and inscription 'United States Shipping Board' USA c.1920

Dimensions : 12 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1516

Description : A Torquay Ware pottery powder bowl painted with a Kingfisher, paper trade label English c.1900

Dimensions : 2.5 x 3.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1513

Description : Set of three graduated 'Kings Ware' juge with decoration 'Memories'. Royal Doulton, England c.1910

Dimensions : 4.5, 5.25, 6 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 1512

Description : An interesting white are ceramic jug moulded and painted with carriages pulled by elephants and camels English c.1820

Dimensions : 7.5 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 1512

Description : A set of ten hand painted and gilded tea bowls and stands possibly Spode (marked 2/123) English c.1780

Dimensions : bowls 2 ins, stands 5 5/8 ins wide

Price Guide : B

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