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Reference : 0198

Description : A seven piece silver cruel set Birmingham 1909

Dimensions :

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0180

Description : A pair of bronze plaques showing classical ladies, signed on the reverse 'SR 1926' English

Dimensions : 9.75 x s6.5 in

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0172

Description : A blue and white transfer printed wash jug and bowl, decorated with 'The Serenade' and marked H&R English c.1840

Dimensions : jug 9.5 ins, bowl 12.75 ins max

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0132

Description : A double walled bamboo brush pot carved with a floral panel flanked by two dragons Qing Dynasty, China c.1860

Dimensions : 6.75 isn

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0123

Description : A pair of porcelain jugs with silver (American) overlay, Taylor and Tunnicliffe, English c.1880

Dimensions : 6 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0085

Description : A red polished ceramic jug uncertain date but supposed 2000 years plus

Dimensions : 6 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0083

Description : |An unusual two man Willow pattern plate with gilded rim John Tuner, English c.1810

Dimensions : 9 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0082

Description : A steel cigarette box inlaid with silver, Bidri ware, India c.1930

Dimensions : 1.5 x 4.5 x 3.25 ins

Price Guide : A


Reference : 0079

Description : A Doulton stoneware Whiskey jug with scene of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 1667, BA Moore & Son, Fleet Street English c.1890

Dimensions : 9.25 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 0070

Description : An embossed white metal bucket with two swing handles Thai or Laos with Chinese characters for silver and one unreadable but probably a maker Early 20th. century

Dimensions : 4.75 ins plus handle 274 grms.

Price Guide : B

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